Our New Client Challenge

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Our New Client Challenge

At Body Basics, we do a great job assessing our clients’ mobility, stability, and movement pattern competency. Over the years we’ve created some fun challenges that allow clients to test their fitness and gauge how they stack up against others; however, we’ve never had an individual functional movement challenge until now. I’ll briefly describe it below and provide a copy of the challenge so you can try it too…

This year we decided to create a very comprehensive challenge that encompasses the three elements of fitness we value:

First, is movement capacity. This is your body’s ability to move through ranges of motion. It encompasses mobility, stability, and a little bit of body weight strength to show control through a range of motion.

Second, is movement competency. Just because you have the ability to move through a range of motion, doesn’t mean you will do it correctly. Movement competency shows that you not only have the ability to move but the skill and awareness to do it correctly.

The last element is the fitness element. This shows that you not only have the ability to move, the competency to do so, but the strength and conditioning to perform at a certain level. We didn’t go crazy on the fitness part. We kept it to something manageable, and here’s why. I’ve seen people who move a lot of weight or workout really hard and have a great capacity for pushing themselves. They don’t always move well. For us and our clients, we’re not body builders or fitness competitors. We’re just regular people trying to stay fit and active as we age.

We created a point system for the challenge. There are different tests. If a client gets 22 points, they get a free Body Basics hat or shirt with our logo in gold. If they get 20 points, they get a free hat or shirt with our logo in silver and 17 points gets you a free hat or shirt with our logo in bronze. Pretty fun!

Here’s a copy of our Functional Movement Mastery Test. We’ll be hosting the challenge at Body Basics twice a year. Once in September and once in February. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know if you tried it and how you did.

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