Remote Personal Training

Stay where you are. Get fit where you are.

Remote training is similar to our in-studio personal training: you are teamed up with your own certified, personal trainer who fits your needs best; you are assessed virtually (or on-site) before any program is designed; your trainer creates a unique workout specifically for you utilizing the equipment and space you have available; and then you are trained--virtually!

Two types of Remote Personal Training are available…


When coming into a studio is not an option, getting personalized attention from a trainer who knows you, can see you, and make real-time adjustments and modifications to your movements is invaluable.

  • Real-time video training sessions are with a highly experienced, certified personal trainer.
  • Your trainer will call you at your scheduled day and time using a video call platform (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.).
  • The trainer will call you from Body Basics’ studio in downtown Boise or from their personal residence. You are free to be at home, work, or on vacation. Just communicate with your trainer beforehand, so they know what equipment will be available.
  • Your training session will be approximately 55 minutes long and will include a warm-up, corrective exercises based on your needs, resistance training, and cool-down stretches.
  • Pricing is based on how many days a week you’d like to train. It ranges between $228 to $779 a month. Contact us for more details.


Your “anytime” workout is brought to you virtually via TrueCoach. It is weekly/daily programming created just for you by your own assigned, certified personal trainer.

  • This option is affordable, efficient, and fun! Having your own personal trainer is actually obtainable!
  • Your workouts can be done where you want and when you want without a video call.
  • Through the TrueCoach app/website, you will access your prescribed workout and coordinating demo videos for each exercise. You will also be able to record your results, submit videos of yourself doing the movements (if needed), and message your trainer at any point in time. Your coach will review your results and keep you accountable!
  • Each workout will include a warm-up, corrective exercises (based on the trainer’s assessment of you), core exercises, resistance training, and a cool-down portion.
  • Pricing is based on how many days a week you’d like to workout. It ranges from $75 to $375 a month. Contact us for more details.

1 Let's Get Started!

2 We Get to Know You!

Once we receive the form above, we will reach out to you and team you up with one of our trainers that best fits your needs.

Important documents (medical and health questionnaire, informed consent, etc.) for you to complete will also be sent at this time.

Your trainer will then get in touch with you and schedule a time to do an initial assessment. During this initial assessment, we get to know your history, your goals, your needs, and your movement pattern. This can be done in our studio or online.

3 Personal Training Begins!

Depending on which remote training option you choose (either “REAL-TIME” or “ANYTIME”), your trainer will begin prescribing your programs and training you virtually.

Remote Training Success Stories

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Body Basics has been awesome in their forward thinking and developing remote training during these crazy times. I love the ingenuity of my trainer working with what little exercise equipment I have at home. I wish I had started sooner!

Jan B.

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I live getting to continue my personalized training from home or while traveling. My trainer always makes sure I get a fun, effective workout regardless of what equipment I have on hand.


Natasha S.

I am so grateful for Body Basics and my remote personal trainer. We never missed a session and they were almost as hard as the in-person workouts. I am SO happy for have found Body Basics!

Natasha S.

Pat and Lisa M.

Remote personal training has helped us progress towards our fitness goals. Our trainer has developed a custom fitness program for each of us taking into consideration our individual needs.

Pat and Lisa M.

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Virtual training with the Body Basics team has been one of our greatest gifts through an unprecedented 2020 calendar year!

Sam and Pari

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I have been so thankful for the wonderful remote workouts with Body Basics. It’s so convenient to have expert, customized direction in my own living room.