Fitness and Nutrition at Body Basics

Body Basics is downtown Boise’s premier Functional Movement Personal Training, Remote Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching facility with a dynamic, one-of-a-kind culture.

Body Basics is a boutique personal training studio in Downtown Boise, and has been established for more than 28 years!

We offer private and semi-private personal training, remote personal training, and health coaching.

We specialize in functional movement fitness and use a variety of equipment including kettlebells, TRX, free weights, resistance bands, barbell, dumbbells, cable machines, GTS, stability balls, BOSUs, etc. Our mission is to not only help our clients improve their fitness, but to increase their ability to move and use their bodies through improved awareness, mobility/range of motion (ROM), stability, and strength. Staying fit and healthy is not only vital to enjoying activities but helps prevent injuries. Our hope is to keep you out there playing and enjoying life!

Our trainers are not only true professionals but care deeply about helping people live life more fully. We have no doubt you will find a home at Body Basics. Feel free to stop in and check out what we're all's something special!

Personal Training

Train better, move better, and live better with our functional approach to personal training!

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Remote Training

Need convenience? Get a fantastic workout wherever you are from our friendly, creative personal trainers!

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Health Coaching

Work with a coach who will listen, evaluate your lifestyle, and help you design a roadmap for nutrition you love!

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Graduation cap icon Our Philosophy

It’s been said that our fitness club is less like a gym and more like a home. Not only do we help people get in the best shape possible, we strive to create a different culture. Caring for people, helping them achieve their fitness goals in a safe, effective way, and being a team member with them through the trials of life is what we're all about. Clients have valued the fact that we hold integrity, honesty, confidentiality and loyalty at the core of our beliefs. Those beliefs aren't just simply stated, we actually live them out!

James and Christine

Success Stories


I chose to work with with Body Basics because it’s what I consider a boutique gym, where I know I’ll get one on one support. After almost four years of working with my personal trainer, I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. She listens to me and tweaks my workouts accordingly but even better she celebrates my wins and supports me through my challenges.



Body Basics is way more than a gym, it’s an experience. From the incredibly trained staff to the members, everyone has a common goal and commitment to a better healthier lifestyle. If working out at a normal gym feels cold, alone and intimidating then I recommend joining the family at Body Basics.



I love Body Basics. I’m 74 and feel fabulous a lot due to the functional training I get twice a week from my trainer at BB. My workouts are geared to improving strength, flexibility, core and balance. Programs change periodically to keep workouts interesting and meet my needs. The atmosphere in the gym is welcoming and the trainers are top notch. I highly recommend Body Basics for great health and fitness.


Carey McNeal

Working out takes dedication and knowledge. It can be intimidating. Going to a gym without the proper knowledge could result in injury or a waste of time. Since time is valuable to me, working out with a professional trainer gives me the workout I need, in the least amount of time in an environment that is conducive to success. Body Basics is the right place for me.


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