Personal Training

A workout you’ll look forward to. Trainers that’ll inspire you.

First-Class Personal Training

Personal Training at Body Basics revolves around the concept of Functional Movement. That means we focus on the proficiency of movement patterns and not just isolated muscle exercises. Our goal for each client is to improve their ability to move, give them the tools to stay fit, and create a fun and exciting experience.

Our clients include:

  • Professionals
  • Fitness New-Comers
  • Post-Injured individuals
  • Youth
  • Expectant Woman
  • Athletes
  • Retirees

Our client base is a conglomeration of downtown business professionals that are looking to stay fit, healthy and live long enjoyable lives.

Remote Personal Training Tailored Personal Training with Real-Time Coaching!

Traveling? Need to stay home for your workouts? No need to slack on health, weight-loss, and/or personal strength gains. We’ve got you covered! Connect with one of our outstanding, highly-experienced personal trainers and see what it’s like to get a great workout created especially for your needs—a workout you can do wherever you are.

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Our Method

We start all our clients out with Functional Movement Screening (FMS). FMS is an in-depth analysis of the body with focused attention on movement pattern quality. The screening takes about 30 minutes, in which time the client is asked to perform various movements that highlight mobility, stability and functional movement patterning. Functional limitations and asymmetries are quickly identified in each person. This helps us design effective and pinpointed corrective strategies. An electronic body analysis test is also conducted, which will tell us your body fat percentage, hydration percentage, lean muscle mass weight and more.

With the knowledge we've gained from the FMS test, the electronic body analysis test, and the goals which you've communicated to us, we develop a customized training program with exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual. Our training programs are systematically designed to keep the workouts fresh, stress the body in different ways, and to make sure we're targeting each area of the body uniquely. We will continue to conduct assessments periodically to track your progress and success!

You will get to choose from Private Personal Training or Semi-Private Personal Training. Both have the same individualized workout plan and are equally effective. The main difference between the two is with semi-private the trainer splits their time between you and another client providing coaching, feedback and instructions. With one-on-one, you will get the same coaching and feedback, but the trainer will be 100% with you.

During our sessions, we use a wide variety of fitness tools and techniques including:

  • kettle bells
  • TRX
  • dumbbells and barbells
  • BOSU and stability balls
  • resistance bands
  • cable machines
  • yoga/pilates exercises
  • body weight exercises
  • sand bags
  • ropes
  • sleds
  • prowlers
  • training racks
  • Gravity Training System (GTS)
  • and many other options

With a plethora of tools at our disposal, we pick the best tool for your body, your fitness level and the desired exercise.

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Over seven years ago a friend gave me the wonderful gift of a few personal training session and I've been going to Body Basics for personal training ever since. When I work with my trainer, I know she is training my heart, body, mind and spirit. She cares about everything going on in my life, from body soreness and aches to successes, personal achievements, or stress. I've worked out with all the trainers at Body Basics and I trust and believe in the talent, skills, and knowledge they bring to every work out.

Marian Woods
Body Basics Client for 7+ years
Marian Woods
James and Christine outside

Trainers You Can Trust

A qualified team of trainers who’s ready to help you feel your best self yet! Come experience our dynamic team! We value relationships as well as health and fitness. Our unintimidating culture will help you feel right at home.

Meet Our Team
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Top-notch Facilities

A great perk about working out at Body Basics is that we have a fantastic facility that gives you more of a boutique feel: free private parking, 2 showers, 2 restrooms, and 2 nice sized workout rooms! For those that enjoy the great outdoors, we have an area outside with a variety of specialized equipment. Also, for our nutrition coaching sessions, we have a private consultation room.

Our facility is sanitized and cleaned regularly throughout the day. The air coming and going is filtered with a high grade filter with a MERV Rating 13, which significantly reduces the amount of pollutants and allergens within our studio.

To set us apart one step further, we installed an air purification system (an air scrubber) called ActivePure. It has been certified by the FDA for medical facilities to kill pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) in the air and on surfaces. To date, this method is the most powerful air purification system ever discovered, and it is in OUR STUDIO helping you stay healthy and well!

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Common Questions

Do you have parking?
Yes! It's also FREE and private parking!
Are there showers available?
Yes, there are two individual and private showers with its own room.
What should I wear to my personal training session?
Athletic clothing from top to bottom that you can move comfortably in!
Can I purchase food there?
Yes, we have bars, fruit, protein shakes and water bottles available to purchase. Coffee and hot tea are free. Filtered water is also available to fill your water bottles.
How long is one session?
One hour total, which includes 15 min. of stretching and corrective exercises chosen specifically for you!
What if I don't like one of the exercises or even the whole workout?
Please tell us and we will modify! This isn't about us but about YOU! Exercise should be mostly fun!
How much do the personal training sessions cost?
From $45 to $75 a session depending upon times per week and if you choose semi or private training
Are there any contracts to sign?
Not anymore!
Will I be sore from my workouts?
It is a great possibility, and its also very normal. We will stretch you really well to reduce soreness.