10 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

Wednesday, May 11, 2022
10 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

Our team at Body Basics have been working on these health principles for a while now. It is not easy trying to narrow down all the healthy lifestyle habits to just ten, but we think we did it (for now)!

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing our Top 10 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

1. Eat Mindfully.

Are you eating mindfully? For example, are you eating slowly, or are you noticing if you are full and stopping when so? Becoming more aware of the hows and the whys of what you are doing is honestly the first step towards change. As you gain nutritional awareness, the process of mindfully transforming old habits to healthy ones will become natural.

2. Drink ½ of Your Body Weight in Ounces of Water.

Are you consistently hydrating your body enough? Since your body is predominantly water, maintaining proper hydration is crucial for our cells, organs, muscles, and ligaments to function properly.

3. Mind the Gap!

Do you know when you should be eating for your body type and for your goals? Are you mindlessly snacking? The body has two metabolic modes: absorb and build vs. release and burn. Eating moves your body towards absorb and build, whereas activity (physical/mental) moves your body towards release and burn. Based on your goals, pay attention to how much time and activity you have between meals. Shorter gaps (2-3hrs) means more absorption/gain, while larger gaps (4-6hrs) with activity means more burn/loss.

4. Control Your Environment.

Are you intentional with your choices and planning ahead? While you are building your capacity of will, it is wise to narrow your options making it easier to choose the better alternative. You are the product of your environment.

5. Sleep at Least 7-8 Hours a Night.

Sleep is vital. When you sleep, your body come alive and does so much good!! Nutrients are utilized. The liver is detoxed. Cells are repaired, and energy is restored. The brain stores new information and gets rid of toxic waste. Important hormones and proteins are released…. All of this and more is so important when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, gaining strength, or losing weight. Sleep is vital.

6. Limit Addictive Foods—Salt, Sugar, and Alcohol.

Do cravings dictate your food choices? Do snacks dominate over well-balanced meals? If so, your body might be getting too much of any of the listed foods. Overconsumption of salt, sugar, or alcohol can lead to addiction because of the release of dopamine that each of these provide.

7. Intentionally Exercise at Least 30 Minutes Daily.

Your body was made for motion. Intentional motion helps regulate your digestive system, helps reset your skeletal system, helps strengthen the heart, helps lower stress, and so much more! Strengthening muscles also increases metabolism, helps balance hormones, and creates stronger bones. Let’s get moving!

8. Reshape Your Thinking.

Do you know what it will take to achieve your goals? Do you believe in your ability to reach your goals? Your perspective/mindset could be the only thing in the way of your success… Changing your lifestyle and habits is not an easy task, but it IS doable! Approaching your goals realistically but optimistically is super important for success. True change takes time, but it can happen! 100%!

9. Include Protein at Every Meal.

Do you know what protein is? Do you know how much protein you should be eating for your body and activity level? Protein is the building block for muscle growth and repair. It also stabilizes our blood sugar and keeps us feeling full longer. Creating meals with enough protein is super important.

10. Know Your Plate.

Do you know what you are eating? Do you know which foods are best for your body? It’s important to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods instead of wasted, junk calories! Let your food choices work for you!

We believe that if you are living out these principles 80% or more of the time you will be healthy and feeling great. If you find yourself not knowing answers to these questions or maybe needing help incorporating these principles in your life, consider gaining help from one of our awesome Health Coaches. Our coaching philosophy is centered around you—your goals, your body type, your preferences, etc. We work with you to create a roadmap towards success. Check out our webpage for more information…

(Keep in mind… These are general principles for the general population. Consult your doctor for your specific dietary needs.)

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