Why Personal Train?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Why Personal Train?

Personal training has a gamut of benefits. No matter who you are… if you’re currently working out or not…. Even if you’re good at working out independently. Personal training is not just about us standing around watching you. Here are some of its values and how it can be good for anyone!


Our trainers have the experience and education to see what your body needs in terms of fitness. For instance, sometimes we will have a client looking to perform a more intense exercise, and we will see that he/she doesn’t quite have the mobility to perform it correctly. In this case, we will take that person through a series of mobility and/or stability exercises in order to get our client moving beautifully again in order to perform well! On the contrary, there are occasions when a client can do more than they think they can and are able to maintain correct form. In this case, we get to encourage them to take it up a notch (increasing weight, more reps or doing a more intense exercise). Either avenue produces excellent results and prevents injury.

Quicker Results

Results can be achieved more quickly with our trainers. Whether it be weight loss or muscle definition, Body Basics’ trainers can assess the client and know what it’s going to take to help that person achieve their goals according to their body type, habits, and lifestyle. This takes the guesswork away from the client and gives he/she accountability!


Personal training can be a fun and interesting time simply because you’re learning and doing new exercises that you might not have ever seen before. Variety is also key, so that your muscles aren’t getting too used to doing the same thing—plateauing. Progression is always important in order to see a change.

No age limit

You can train at any age.

  1. Personal training when you’re young (teens and up) can build a fantastic foundation regarding form, muscle composition, and flexibility that can be carried through life.
  2. Personal training through 30s and 50s can help by reducing stress and can keep you feeling youthful!
  3. Personal training in your 60s and up can help with stability/balance, coordination, organ function (including the brain), reduce symptoms, make you strong, and can help keep you enjoying the outdoors! The list could go on and on.

Physical fitness level

Your current physical fitness level doesn’t matter. Our trainers can work with a client who’s a beginner or with someone who’s super experienced. All levels will benefit. We know when take it slow with a client and when to give them a challenge. (Doctor’s approval is necessary for certain individuals.)


In our society, appointments are taken much more seriously than a group function. Each personal training session is an appointment—set time and date. This keeps a person more accountable and also lends to better exercise habits.

If you’re interested in giving personal training a try, we offer a free consultation to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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