Tips for Making a Lasting Difference!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Tips for Making a Lasting Difference!

People workout for all different reasons - to lose weight, for health reasons, to get stronger, to perform a sport better, or for aesthetic reasons. One thing that is important to me is creating a SUSTAINABLE plan.

No matter what reason you want to be fit, do it because YOU believe in it. Don't do it because you believe society wants you to or even because family thinks you need to. It won't last, and you won't make a lasting difference unless you create a sustainable plan because you believe in it. Here are some tips that will help:

  1. Believe in yourself. We each have intrinsic values and have self worth. Some of us may not believe in that as much as others due to a poor family environment, tough circumstances growing up or even what we heard our peers say about us. Forget all that. You have the same self worth as me or anyone else. Treat yourself like your worthy.
  2. Don't try to create change in an unrealistic time frame. If you’re chronically unfit, you won't magically get fit. It takes time, effort and consistency. Start viewing the person you want to be and let everything you do help you work towards that goal.
  3. Do something sustainable. Whether it's diet or exercise, don't go crazy and create a plan you can't live with. I see it all the time where people do something drastic; then, once they've achieved the results they wanted, they quit! Don't do that. Start living a way that you can continue with the rest, or at least the vast majority, of your life.
  4. Don't get discouraged when you fail. Spoiler alert! You will fail. You will eat or drink something you shouldn't. You will miss workouts. You'll get sick and be sidelined for a happens. Just get back up and get on track. Don't totally derail yourself and totally lose control because you messed up.
  5. Discipline yourself. The hardest part about creating any type of sustainable change in our lives is giving up things we love. If you're reading this, you are wanting to change things in our life that got you to a place you don't want to be. You like those things. Admit that to yourself. I like ________________ (food, laziness, work, etc...) Now you have to understand, you are going to have to discipline yourself to essentially not like those things that got you to this place. If you can't do that, you'll have to decide you want the change you're desiring more than those things. It's the hardest part about change. Don't underestimate it. You will tell yourself in your time of struggle that it's not that big of a deal, and you'll justify doing those things that keep you from your goals.
  6. Set goals and get someone to hold you accountable. Set specific goals so you know if you achieve them or not. Getting fit isn't a goal. Losing 20lbs or squatting 300lbs is a good goal. Don't make your accountability partner your best friend. It should be someone you can be mad at and someone who will be honest with you. A personal trainer is a good choice.
  7. Do it! Tomorrow never comes. Today is all we have at our disposal!

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