The Rossiter System

Sunday, September 24, 2017
The Rossiter System

What is the Rossiter System? The Rossiter System restores the elasticity and looseness to the myofascial tissue in our body. The myofascial or connective tissue surrounds the muscles in our body and allows them to slide over each other as we move and exercise. As this tissue loses its ability to slide due to overuse, injury, or simply from time, we lose our mobility and develop pain in our joints and muscles.

The cool thing about the Rossiter System is that it's simple, easy and could possibly resolve the cause of pain...even, chronic pain that has been around for years and years. On the other hand, it may not be the solution for someone's pain, but since the Rossiter system only addresses the tissue surrounding the muscles, it doesn't affect the joints. For instance, let's say you have pain in your shoulder, and it hurts to raise your arm above your head. You might have a labrum tear, an AC joint impingement or you might have a connective tissue problem somewhere in your arm. If you try Rossiter and it doesn't help, you haven't taken a step back or done yourself any harm. You simply know your issue is more than a connective tissue problem. If you try Rossiter and it does work, you've just saved yourself a lot of money that might have been wasted on physical therapy or even surgery. Many people will end up getting surgery when it isn’t needed, or do weeks of physical therapy and exercises to address a problem that could have been resolved in a few Rossiter sessions. If you're not sure what your issue is or what the cause of your pain is, you should try Rossiter first.

Here's how it works: the Rossiter Practitioner uses their foot as the tool to do the work; essentially, they are stepping on you. I know it sounds weird, but it works! They will apply weight to specific parts of your body and ask you to do certain movements. Your connective tissue will be compressed and restored to its original function. The Rossiter System targets multiple "hot spots" or junctions where the tissue gets bound up. To the Practitioner, it can feel very similar to a “knot”, but it's not a knot in the muscle that needs to get worked out, it's the connective tissue that is bound up. When the tissue is compressed and stretched through these techniques, sometimes it will release and completely loosen providing pain relief or improved flexibility.

Each Rossiter session is only about 15-20 minutes long. Due to the intensity of the work, it's best to focus on one issue and one area of the body at a time. This allows your body time to process what's changing and happening. If you do too much at one setting, your system can get overwhelmed and not provide adequate feedback; therefore, patience and consistency is needed. The important thing about Rossiter is that you affect an area with the techniques and then allow your body to respond. For many people, the healing can take place over time. I found this to be true.

I personally experienced immediate relief, but my issue continued to improve even more so over the following week. I had pain in my knee for weeks so much so that I quit dead lifting. It got so bad, it hurt to walk up the stairs, and I was really worried I had a major problem. I dealt with the pain for about 6-8 weeks before I got certified in Rossiter. During my training, they worked on my issue. After the first time of receiving Rossiter on my hip, the pain went down to about 50% of what it was 5 minutes prior. Two weeks later, I had no pain and today I'm still 100% pain free. It doesn't work for everyone that way, but it did for me. Today, I can dead lift and walk without any pain, and it was 100% from the Rossiter system.

If you’d like to give Rossiter a try, you can purchase sessions at Body Basics with myself, James.

Sessions Price
4 $120
8 $200

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