Local Restaurant Recommendations

Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Local Restaurant Recommendations

Going out to eat with friends, family, or independently is inevitable. It’s going to happen and probably some time soon! Your health and fitness goals do not have to take a back seat when eating at a restaurant. There are great options in Boise, Idaho! Here are several of my recommendations:

Wild Root

  • I like them because of their colorful menu—many, many vegetables and oh so tasty! They also have the best bone broth I’ve tasted in the Valley.
  • There isn’t much I would not recommend on their menu. It’s all amazing. For health goals, I’d choose something other than their frites as a side… aim for a side salad instead.


  • I like the Fork because of their variety of gluten free options, and all the meals I’ve tried have been high quality.
  • Their B.C.S. (Boise Chopped Salad) is amazing!
  • Healthier choices would include their salads and entrees without anything fried. 😊

Funky Taco & Madre Tacos

  • I like these two restaurants because they offer unique tacos with a ton of flavor!
  • Healthier choices would be choosing tacos with a leaner meat (like fish or poultry) and not ordering the chips!

Little Pearl Oyster Bar

  • The BEST STEAK I’VE EVER HAD!!! Just trade out the frites for another side… The oysters were great too.
  • The location is interesting. They are located on 8th under the escalators. The bar is on the right side of the escalator; the dining section is on the left.


  • A solid choice. This place is a common favorite among our clients!
  • Healthier choices would be salads and entrees without anything fried. Also, if eating bread, tear off the amount you choose to eat for your goals and only eat that amount.

Yoi Tomo

  • This is our favorite place for sushi. Make sure to get on their online waitlist because it’s also other people’s favorite place too… the wait is normally long!!!
  • Healthier choices would be low sodium soy sauce and limit fried items in your sushi. Edamame and miso soup are great appetizer choices!

Pho Nouveaux & Pho Le

  • These two restaurants are both fantastic when you’re looking for some classic Vietnamese soup and vermicelli.
  • Pho is super hearty and nutritional because it is made from bone broth—great for gut health! To stay on the healthier side of things, choose spring rolls as an appetizer instead of fried egg rolls.


  • A favorite place among our trainers for brunch and lunch! Everything is sooo delicious and nutritious!
  • There is nothing I would not recommend in general.

Again, these are just a handful of some of our favorite places we frequent in Boise. I’ve chosen these places based on their menus catering towards various diet needs. As a rule of thumb… when eating at any restaurant, make sure you have a healthy protein and fiber (vegetables, complex grains, whole fruits, etc); then, avoid fried foods and alcohol as much as possible, and you should be good to go! Of course, if you need more of an individualized recommendation, feel free to ask us in the studio or schedule an appointment for nutrition coaching, and remember… serve and love yourself well with the foods you choose! Food is fuel and medicine.


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