How We Make Permanent Life Changes Instead of Fad Diets

Saturday, August 9, 2014

CHANGE! To some this can be exciting, to others dread; and both are ok!

We are in the business of change, why? Because as a society we are faced with increasing disease and stress while daily movement is decreasing; eating being connected to the way we feel, we have to do some serious changing.

When people come to Body Basics for help, they usually come because of a much needed lifestyle change caused by events such as divorce, death, job loss, or health issues causing a doctors intervention.

During the initial consultation, it only takes a few minutes for to know whether this is going to be temporary or long term relationship. I start by asking them to make a few simple changes to their daily routine: drink more water (with lemon), make positive affirmations, be thankful, take a few minutes to relax, and so on. If they are unable to follow these few things, I know that they are not ready for a lifestyle transformation.

We will put together a safe program to address the weakness or imbalances in their bodies and make it doable so they can succeed with small tips along the way. With most, the day will come where they want to see more results; they finally want to get serious about their health.

The first thing we ask for is to keep a journal of everything they put in their mouths for 7 days to observe what they eat and how they feel after they eat. The American Council of Sports Medicine has found that keeping a food journal results in much higher success rates for life changes. In our own experience, journaling also keeps people honest and sticking to their eating plan, getting enough water, rest, and movement. If they complete this assignment then we can continue with other changes.

We never want to put someone on a diet, most of the time they set you up for failure and more weight gain along with an unsustainable lifestyle. We have been in this business for 20 years and have seen every fad diet that is out there. Occasionally, diets can provided a needed jump start, but it needs to be a safe one.

There are some people who are successful and can make permanent lifestyle changes easily, but for the majority it does not come easy. One of the unfortunate consequences is they go on an average of 4-5 different diets and end up wrecking their metabolism which then requires a massive effort work to return to a balance.

One key difference between a proper nutrition plan and a diet is that we never tell someone they can’t have something; instead, we may move it to a different time of day or part of week to consume it at a better time with fewer consequences.

We are as individual as our thumbprints so saying that this or that diet works for everyone is ridiculous. Time is another common barrier to healthy changes, most people want results in a week or they quit and go onto something else. It takes time and consistency to see changes and turn those into permanent changes. People have to find something that works for them throughout their life.

Losing body fat is not brain science, we want to get back to the basics with food. In upcoming blogs, we will be looking at simple changes you can make to start eating healthier for life.


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