Eating Healthy While Enjoying Your Vacation

Monday, June 23, 2014

With summer fast approaching, the time of year is upon us when many of us will be taking some well-deserved vacation time. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on vacation so we have some quick and easy tips for how to eat better on your vacation. With that in mind, make sure your rest and relaxation come first; you can always work off extra vacation pounds and the last thing you need is stress about your nutrition while trying to relax. Now, onto the tips!

  • Bring healthy snacks for your trip – Packing some healthy snacks (raw nuts or Quest bars, for example) will help you avoid the temptation to snack on other, less healthy foods.
  • Keep some healthy snacks wherever you are staying – An easy and convenient snack can be made by picking up fruit from a nearby grocery store, cutting it up into a fruit bowl and keeping it refrigerated for a delicious snack.
  • Try to get in at least a light workout each day – Burning at least 400 calories each day will keep you feeling fresh and keep off some of the extra weight. If you happen to be at a beach, walking and jogging in sand are excellent calorie burners. Take any classes offered at hotel or resorts, you may find something new you like. Even just a walk after your meals will help. Your activity needs are measured by the level of fitness you are at.
  • Try to eat clean at least half of the time – If you can make sure at least half of your meals and snacks are healthy, you will still be able to enjoy good food while keeping off the weight. And remember especially during warm months and high sodium meals, you will need lots of water and preferrably with lemon.
  • Live it up 1-2 nights – Give yourself a day or two on your vacation when you are going to avoid thinking about healthy eating and do what you want. You will have these days to look forward to guilt and stress-free!
  • Bring some supplements to counteract effects the food might have on you – Some helpful supplements to bring on your vacation are probiotics for gut health and Vitamin C help to keep immune system up. Check with your doctor or nutritionist to see what different supplements you might need on your vacation. Its always a good idea to bring anti-diarrea medication just in case you eat something bad. Nothing is worse than getting sick on your vacation, take medicines you might need with the change in food or drink that your used too.
  • Relax – As mentioned at the beginning, the most important part of your vacation is getting in some needed rest and relaxation. Try not to do and see every possible thing you can on your vacation, save some time to just hang out and enjoy life’s little moments that are right in front of you. Take time just to experience a sunset, sunrise and think about all you are thankful for.

If you keep the above tips in mind on your vacation you will be able to come home refreshed, renewed and fit!

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