Couples Who Exercise Together Stay Together

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I came upon this great article recently that talked about this very thing and thought it was worthy of summarizing to pass on to you.

“Couples Who Exercise Together Stay Together” is obviously not true in every case, but studies show that the majority of couples who do are significantly closer and reap many benefits. The key is finding something you both enjoy—strength training, mountain biking, tennis, yoga, hiking. There has to be something the two of you both find interest in. When you find out what that is, schedule it in your planner as you would an important meeting and follow through!

Here are a few of the reasons why exercising together produces a strong relationship:

  1. Endorphines make not only you happy. We all know that when you exercise, your body creates endorphins, which makes you feel happy. To take this a step further, when you exercise with your spouse, you’re bringing happiness to the relationship. Studies show that couples have reported feeling more in love and more satisfied with their partner after jointly participating in a physical challenge.
  2. Efficiency of your workout is improved. When you work out with someone else, without realizing it or not, you’re increasing the speed or intensity of your exercise in some form even if you already feel competent doing it. What a great way to boost your energy output!
  3. Physiological arousal. A racing pulse, shortness of breath, sweaty hands (and pits) remind you of anything? These are the same symptoms that would occur when you experience a romantic attraction and when you exercise. Crazy as it sounds… it is common for people at times to mistaken physical arousal for romantic attraction. This can be used to your advantage... Bring your romantic interest to work out with you. Your attractiveness towards each other is most likely to boost—sweaty, stinky self and all!
  4. Accountability and Encouragement. You’re in it together when you’re working out together, so you have an easy source of accountability. A study also showed the importance of a wife’s words... Husbands were more likely to partake in more physical activities when they heard supportive, fitness-related comments from their wives. “Pumping some iron” or participating in a crazy-hard Spin Class can provide the perfect context for such comments.
  5. Your emotional bond increases. Nonverbal mimicry such as tossing medicine balls to each other, running or walking the same pace, lifting weights in rhythm, or stretching simultaneously stimulates the feeling of having “bonded” with each other—feeling emotionally attuned to one another. Such connection is vital for your health and your relationship and is easily found through exercising together!

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