Personal Trainer

We are looking for experienced personal trainers to join our team at Body Basics. We are especially look for individuals who have a passion for understanding the fundamental movements of the human body... how to squat, hinge, rotate, push and pull. This passion for movement, dedication to continued learning, and pushing your own body is the foundation to working with our clients. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who can inspire clients, lead by example, and attract potential clients. If you feel you fit this description, look over the job description and requirements below to make sure you qualify, then fill out our form. Thanks!


  • Certified as a Personal Trainer with a nationally recognized entity
  • Certified in CPR & AED
  • Professionalism including personal social media, attire, language, and punctuality
  • Putting clients first
  • Two years experience as a personal trainer

Job Description:

  • Conducting Functional Movement Screens on new clients
  • Creating and writing training programs
  • Training clients through coaching, advising, and correcting form
  • Lifting weights for clients & spotting clients while lifting
  • Cleaning up after your sessions
  • Helping keep the gym tidy which includes, vacuuming, mopping picking up, taking trash out and more as needed
  • Making protein shakes at our smoothy bar

As an employee you can expect an environment that will allow you to thrive as a trainer. We don’t have any sales quotas or other goals for our trainers to meet that will detract from your ability to train your clients.

Lastly, we are only looking for trainers that are interested in joining Body Basics as a long term solution for their employment.


Fill out the form below to submit your application to become a Body Basics personal trainer.